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Priyom started in 1987 is a trustworthy name in the field of packed food and condiment manufacturing industry, has a remarkable place in the hearts of taste lovers worldwide. Its Plant situated at Cochin gives the finest quality Curry powder, Tea, Pickle, Chutney, Rice powder, Rice, etc. The whole manufacturing process is designed with a special emphasis to retain the original taste of respective products. We take all possible precautions to make that possible. Selections from the best fields or garden, Hi-tech processing, no – human touch line manufacturing, High Quality vacuum packing, speedy delivery are a few to name.

Priyom food products deliver taste that’s just as fabulous as this land. That’s because the Kerala’s leading manufacturer of condiments and food products now gives you one of the most extensive range of irresistible tastes. Priyom being the taste of land right into your life. Be amazed by its aroma and nutritious richness while you create tasteful delicacies in your own kitchen. It’s no wonder, Priyom has been winning hearts world over, so take a closer look at Priyom food products. It’s not just what you taste, it’s something more than that.

Factory is situated at Cochin and boasts a backup of most modern and fully automatic packing machines, Pulvoriser, rice powder unit, Tea blending unit and oil extraction unit. It has strength of superbly skilled 200 staff and makes a formidable Turnover every year. Getting the quality right is paramount for Priyom. Research and development department of Priyom is working hard to monitor quality. Priyom is marketed through a well knit outlet network through out India. It has also a good presence in Middle East, Australia and EU