PRIYOM  promises you the best quality and super tasty snacks products. PRIYOM are committed towards excellence in making best quality products and delivering complete customer satisfaction.

Best flavour
Priyom-Malabar Mixture-200g MBX/18001
Priyom-Madras Mixture-200g MDX/18002
Priyom-Kerala Mixture White-200g MXW/18003
Priyom-Kerala Mixture Red-200g MXR/18004
Priyom-Sharja Mixture-200g SJX/18005
Priyom-Andra Mixture-200g ARX/18006
Priyom-Bombay Mixture-200g BMX/18007
Priyom-Pakkavada-100g PKV/18008
Priyom-Sweet seva-200g SWS/18009
Priyom-Ring Murukku-170g RMK/18010
Priyom-Ring Murukku Masala-170g RMM/18011
Priyom-Yellow Banana Chips-200g YBC/18012
Priyom-Masala Chips-200g MLC/18013
Priyom-Tapioca Chips Masala-100g TCM/18014
Priyom-Tapioca Chips -100g TCC/18015
Priyom-Tapioca Stick Masala-100g TSM/18016
Priyom-Tapioca Stick -100g TCS/18017
Priyom-Sarkaravaratti-200g SKV/18018
Priyom-Indian Mixture 200g IMX/18019
Priyom-ABCD Biscuits-200g ABS/18020
Priyom-Heart Biscuits-200g HBS/18021
Priyom-Nuts Biscuits-200g NBS/18022
Priyom-Peanut with Salt 200 g PNS/18023
Priyom-Peanut Masala 200 g PNM/18024
Priyom-Peanut Roast 200g PNR/18025
Priyom-Peanut Jaggery Balls 200 g -PET PJL/18026
Priyom-Peanut Jaggery Balls 250 g - POUCHES PJL/18027
Priyom-Peanut Jaggery Bar 200 g - POUCHES PJR/18028
Priyom-Sesame Jaggery Black Balls 200 g -PET SBL/18029
Priyom-Sesame Jaggery Black Balls 250 g-POUCHES SBL/18030
Priyom-Sesame Jaggery White Balls 200 g -PET SWL/18031
Priyom-Sesame Jaggery White Balls 250 g -POUCHES SWL/18032
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